Thursday, April 30, 2009

If you haven't already...

please go to and sign up for their email newsletters. Today's arrived with this lovely picture (how fab are these colors?):

What I love most about these emails are the illustrations - the website has them too. The illustrations are integrated with the product on the site in a very clever way! For the ultimate luxury company, they show an amazing whimsy and humor. I guess one would have to feel such whimsy to fork over $10,000 for a Birkin bag (and don't you think for a second that if I had 10K to throw around that I wouldn't put my name on that waiting list - in Hermes signature orange please - and blue and taupe, oh dear there are visions of Birkins dancing in my head)!

So take a peak at Hermes and see them in a fun way - I mean who doesn't need a $530 beach towel?!? All kidding* aside, they have put together a great site and do wander over to the "world of Hermes" there you can print out, color and assemble your very own Kelly bag (out of regular paper). Fun!

* Oh, I'm not kidding about that Birkin bag thing - I really do need one or five of those :o)

Image from Hermes


  1. They also happen to smell quite nice. I don't remember which was which now but one of them was amazing. I would have loved to have gotten it had it not been for the damned recession!!

  2. I smelled these the other day too, looking for a mother's day gift. They were good, I think the large was $150. Sorry mom.


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