Thursday, April 22, 2010

What I bought today!

Well, we had a little extra moola in our budget, which meant I could do a little (much needed) clothes shopping!  I can honestly say that I have done little to no shopping since the little one was born.  I really wanted to be able to fit back into what I had and go from there.  I also struggled with what I could/should wear as a stay-at-home mom.  The first 6 months of my daughter's life I pretty much had to live in crappy t-shirts and sweat pants since she had major acid reflux.  Not to be too graphic, but she threw up all the time, seriously most of the clothes I wore then I had to throw away.  A couple of months ago I did some major editing in my closet, I got rid of a bunch of things I no longer wanted or needed (and things that weren't ever going to look good on me no matter if I was back to my pre-baby weight or not - let's face it ladies the body changes a lot after a baby, even if you are at your pre-baby weight).  So I now have a fairly clean slate and am eager to start building up the wardrobe again.  I was really inspired by the super fab Jill over at The Good Life For Less using her blog to sort of help me find my way again (a big "Thank You!" to her).  Okay, so here's what I ordered today:

I also went ahead and purchased the Cynthia Vincent for Target yellow sandals (below) I blogged about here

I'm super excited to be able to spruce up my look a bit.  I still have some shopping to do, I'll keep you in the loop about what else I buy!

Oh and I didn't post yesterday because the little one decided it would be a great time to attack my hubby's laptop - while I was using it - and a bunch of the keys popped off.  I got most of them back on, but I'm sorry to say the H key is gone forever.  Using the laptop is really weird without that plastic bit over it, but it'll have to do for now.   Kiddos keep you on your toes for sure!


  1. Great picks! Thanks for the shout-out! I love those sandals too!

  2. Oh, I like it all! Especially the sweaters!

  3. You Hawaii suggestions are so helpful! My dad and step-mom recently stayed at the Royal Hawaiian and loved it. We are seriously considering it! Oh and your email about Falling Water was so sweet! I've been meaning to respond, sorry---we went a few months ago and it was AMAZING! I'd read about it since I was a little girl, but was still absolutely blown away touring it in person. Thank you for all the helpful tips! All your new purchases are amazing by the way, I wish we had some extra moola in our budget, but no such luck these days between the wedding and move...ugh. Will just have to live vicariously through you!!! xoxoxo katie


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