Tuesday, April 20, 2010

High Point Market Spring 2010 Fashion Report

The High Point Market Authority has released their fashion report for the Spring 2010 market.  For the complete report go here.  It's funny I was talking with my BFF about how we totally have forgotten that Furniture Market is happening right now.  Years ago, when we were designing fabrics for the residential market, our lives used to revolve around it.  I do miss it, but boy my feet don't - LOL!


  1. Thanks for sharing the report! I love that color is in.


  2. Designing fabrics and all that came with it is such an incredible career. I'm fascinated. You must share some time with us how you got into that line of work, etc. You are so talented!! Hope you three are all doing really well and had a good wkend?

    Cheers! xx


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