Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I want this! - Jonathan Adler Seahorse Lamp

I must be in serious need of a vacation at the beach, because the minute I saw this lamp I fell in love.  Jonathan Adler Seahorse lamp - $295.  (sorry for the small picture - but you get the idea). 

On an unrelated note, I hope everyone had a lovely Easter/long weekend.  We've gotten a bit off schedule and mixed up (the little one has decided to boycott her daytime naps which has been a challenge, I'm hoping it's just a phase and the naps will kick back in soon).  My blogging may be a bit random for the rest of the week.  :o)

Image via Jonathan Adler


  1. Love this too! And I'm loving your blog. Will be following. :) Erica


  2. Ohh I didn't even know I wanted that and now I think I might just HAVE to HAVE it, ha!

  3. Your little lady and the dude must be talking on the phone in secret about how they're going to torture us with naptime!

  4. Seahorse lamp A+++. Audrey dear please get back to your nappy time so mom can blog. Thank you my little sweets xxx

    Happy almost weekend to you & the fam Jenny : D


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