Thursday, May 21, 2009

I want this!

A few years ago I was at Furniture Market in High Point wandering around showrooms (those who have been to Furniture Market know that after a couple of days, you can have serious overload and start to zone/wander) when I stumbled across these amazing shadowboxes and dioramas hanging on the walls in one of the showrooms. I grabbed a card immediately. These little gems are by Christine Originals. They do black & white, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, color and still life dioramas. They are so petite and detailed, you really become mesmerized just taking the tiny scene in. I have a few favorites pictured below.

Fantastic! Now the hard part, which one to choose?
All images from Christine Originals

1 comment:

  1. If I had to choose I'd pick the first one.

    This makes me want to try to make my own. I hardly think it would look this cute but it'd be fun to play with it.


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