Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A stormy/rainy night in Georgia...

It's been a wild weather day here in the "kinda near Atlanta" part of the world. Woke up to a very grey, overcast, tremendously humid morning that transitioned into a stormy afternoon, followed by a much cooler, rainy evening. The clouds and light outside have been really interesting, so I figured I would go and take some pictures (these are from late afternoon and dusk). Hope you enjoy!


  1. Those pics are amazing! I love it.

    You should frame them in a series.

  2. I love watching storms roll in! This is such a great series!

  3. I'm really glad they turned out so well, I literally ran out with my camera in one hand and my 10 month old girl in the other and snapped these super quick. Love that the later ones came out with that purple hued sky!


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