Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home Shopping Fun!

The eclectic Loulou de la Falaise is on HSN today and she has some cute things - for example:

And to go with this, her "Poppy" necklace/belt:

Really interesting - she's bringing a little Paris chic right into our living rooms! Magnifique!


  1. Thank for posting this. I had no idea she had a line on HSN. I'll have to check it out. Her mom Maxime de La Falaise just recently passed. The NY Times had a great obit for her. I did a post about it.

  2. I read that post! Yeah, she's only been doing it for a year I do believe. She brings an interesting mix of things, some good some weird, but I find that I like her stuff. It sells out quick too.

  3. Now I'm Jonesing for the ring...

  4. Total statement piece. I usually keep my clothing quite simple to which I pair one big statement piece and rings have always a favorite (which is weird because I don't exactly have the prettiest hands).


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