Saturday, May 30, 2009

Favorite finds

One of my dear friends attended ICFF recently and sent me a brochure of some fabulous wallpapers from Madison & Grow. I really fell in love with two patterns in particular with a (surprise!) beachy vibe. Apparently I'm using this blog to furnish my nonexistent beach house.
"Margo" in the "full moon over the bluffs" colorway
"Maggie" (wishing they had a spa blue or light teal colorway)
Both are from the appropriately named "Martha's Vineyard" collection. The "Manhattan" collection has some really fab patterns too. Check their stuff out here.
Images from Madison & Grow


  1. The Margo is so pretty. It's looks to be the same color as my bedroom (As pictured behind J-kun the cat's head on my blog).

    It's be so nice to do one feature wall with that.

  2. Yes it would! I just have to overcome my wallpaper fear, it seems so hard to do...


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