Thursday, March 12, 2009

Armor Amour

I was reading the latest WSJ Magazine earlier this week and it had a very interesting article about suits of armor being in demand by collectors as art see here. I am fascinated with armor, not in a renaissance festival way, but in more of an apparel as "protection" way. Armor manages to be cool and at the same time kind of creepy. I always try to seek out the armor section of any museum I visit (if they have one) and spend time looking at the pieces and thinking about all the time that went into making them. Not only making them decorative, but fierce looking and functional. How amazing would it be to go back in time and watch one of the craftsmen make these suits? I think about the person wearing the suit and how hot they must have been (like heat hot, not woo hoo hot) and how claustrophobic wearing those helmets would be. If I start thinking about that stuff too much, that's when it gets creepy. I don't think I could have a suit of armor in my house as art, but I appreciate those that do.

The article brought back memories of John Galliano's Fall 2006 Christian Dior Couture collection - a totally amazing collection with his own take on armor (or pieces of it) - see below:

Fabulous! (I wonder who made those metal sleeves for Dior?) Visit and click through the collection, it's a wondrous journey from look to look. Galliano is pure genius with the Couture. I'll touch more on that in another post. Any of these dresses I would be happy to have in my home as art! Hazaah!
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