Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cut and paste

Like most people in creative professions, especially any sort of design, I'm a visual person, I need to see things for them to be processed. I need to keep images of things that inspire, create a mood, make me happy or are just plain old pretty, in front of me at all times. I have done this for as long as I can remember. Growing up I had the inside door of my closet plastered with the latest things I loved from fashion magazines. I was never one to hang up pictures of bands or actors, clothes and accessories are what I swooned over, as well as the occasional building or interior. Now I keep things a bit more tidy, I have two cork boards that I have filled with images I find interesting.

The first one hangs in my home office right above my desk. This is the board where I put things that inspire my creativity and images I find visually entertaining, along with the occasional smattering of things I would love to have (hello YSL platform pumps and the perfectly decorated bedroom with just the right amount of color).

The next board hangs in my closet, this one is more of an "aspirational" inspiration board. It has images of clothes and looks that I like and may inspire a mixing up of my wardrobe. In other words to prod me out of my "pants and t-shirt" box. Oh, we all have our "uniforms" don't we? I also keep some earrings and my necklaces hanging from it. That was the board's original purpose - a place to hang my jewelry and some other accessories from, but it evolved - being the image pulling freak that I am.
Both of these boards are ever changing, they evolve almost monthly. Some of the images I remove get archived in my inspiration notebooks and some just get tossed. Someday I hope I can have a whole wall in my house dedicated to nothing but my crazy image collecting. There is comfort in having these around, I look at them and ideas pop up in my head or I just can escape from my hectic day for a few seconds. It's one of my many "things". I wonder how many of you out there do something similar?


  1. You have a pug on your inspiration wall!!! That's it---I'm OBSESSED. Love this. You're right, it's all too fun to see how they grown and evolve. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. What a treat!
    XX Kate

  2. thanks for sending me the link to this — both boards are beautiful! good for you for keeping them up to date.


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