Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wiggy and Walter

And now for something completely different...

I am the proud owner of two cats: a female, grey tabby named Murray and the other a big, fluffy, white male who rules the roost and goes by the name of Wiggy. Wiggy is a character for sure just like his late sister Toupee. When we moved into this house I was pregnant, therefore, it took me forever to unpack. I would get overwhelmed very easily and would just stop, leaving boxes half put away and just a mess everywhere. One day I was unpacking a box in my office and I ran across my "Walter the Farting Dog" stuffed toy that was lovingly gifted to me by a close friend who has the same 12-year-old-boy sense of humor I have. This toy is based on the main character in the "Walter the Farting Dog" series of books, you squeeze it and it poots (2 different ones!). I didn't know where to put it so I just stuck it back in the box and left to go take a nap. Well, if you know cats you know that they love boxes, exploring inside them, etc. Wiggy ran across ol' Walter and he fell in love. Yep, he dragged him out of the box and decided that this was his new BFF. I would take Walter away from Wiggy, but no matter what Wiggy kept finding him and dragging him around the house to cuddle, clean and just hang out with. I would find Walter upstairs one day, downstairs the next. I got such a kick out of it I started to take pictures of Wiggy and Walter around the house. Here are a few to enjoy (these are not staged)...


  1. Wiggy is sure proud of the farting dog! I wonder what Audrey will find and drag around.....

  2. So long as Walter is still functional, I see no harm.

  3. Rest assured Walter still poots!!

  4. OMG!!! First off Wiggy is gorgeous! Really he's stunningly handsome.

    I love these pics so much. He's totally got this look on his face like "What? Don't you judge me."

    Fantastic! Now I want to see Murray.


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