Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Go! - Cumberland, Maryland

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and would like to share some pictures of a place my husband and I called home for a few years - Cumberland, Maryland. Cumberland is a lovely little city in the western part of Maryland up in the mountains (yes, Maryland has mountains). It's an often overlooked city in an often overlooked - except for Deep Creek Lake - part of the state. Surrounded by mountains, tucked in a valley, Cumberland used to be a quite large and busy manufacturing center. Times have changed and it struggled for a while before tapping into it's rich history and attracting tourists. The downtown is fantastic, lovely shops, historical buildings and restaurants. My personal favorite being Queen City Creamery, where you can grab a coffee, freshly made deli sandwich, and the best frozen custard on Earth! Here are some pictures of the city and it's buildings - enjoy!!
Let's start with Washington Street, filled with historical mansions and stately homes. The architecture on this street is amazing. There are some real showstoppers here!

Allegany County Courthouse with it's gargoyles:

Emmanuel Episcopal Church in the heart of the city with it's original Tiffany windows (yep, Tiffany himself designed them), this was also part of the Underground Railroad. There are tunnels and rooms beneath the structure that were once part of Old Fort Cumberland.

Some other pictures, including our street we lived on:

I really miss Cumberland and it's people, just a lovely area of the world. I cherish the time we spent there and all the fabulous friends we made. If you ever get a chance to visit, please do, the city and surrounding areas are not to be missed!

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  1. You may have a future in Travel writing or as the President of the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce! Nice post, great pictures!


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