Monday, March 9, 2009

Inspiration underfoot

Sometimes inspiration comes in unexpected places at unexpected times. I had this happen a few years ago on a side trip to Seattle before a Color Marketing Group conference in Vancouver. Maybe I was just tuned in more to my creative side in preparation for color forecasting fun, but I guess I was at the right place at the right time for me to think of something we see everyday, as something inspiring. I was standing with my friend and Mom on a sidewalk waiting to cross the road, it was a little chilly so I was looking down at the sidewalk and noticed the really cool manhole cover with a map of the city of Seattle on it:

How cool! I quickly snapped the picture. It got my brain going - how many other things have I overlooked or didn't think twice about because I didn't take the time to really look. Look at the picture again, think how much effort someone went to to design that and how creative someone was to suggest they actually make a manhole cover as sort of a piece of art? How many more of these cool covers are there out there? On my travels since, I have made an effort to look down and notice manhole/utility covers on the streets and sidewalks and take pictures of them. It's something I look forward to doing, like hunting down treasure that may or may not be there. Some have been interesting, but none have lived up to the Seattle one. My point is to take time and just look around and notice some things you may have overlooked before - you may be pleasantly surprised! I'll leave you with some other covers I've found on my travels. Have an inspiring day!

From Greece:

From Puerto Rico:


  1. This is so freaking cool! I never knew you did this. When was Seattle?

  2. Seattle was October 2005 - GREAT city!!!!

  3. This is similar to something I learned during study abroad -- to always look up and down whenever I went into a "tour spot." Saw some of the most amazing ceilings that way. You were smart to take pictures :)


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