Monday, March 2, 2009

It's the thought that counts - trust me...

I'll be the first to admit, I'm a terrible gift giver. As a designer I pride myself on in being so spot on with observing what is going on and being in touch with my customer's needs. Therefore it baffles me as to why I can't get even my closest friends and family appropriate gifts that they like and will use. I have no talent for selecting, purchasing and beautifully wrapping up the "perfect" gift. It took a long time for me to be able to admit this flaw, a looooong time. I started this journey towards bad gift giving realization about the time my husband and I started dating. My husband is nothing, if not direct so he was a big part of this. Sure, I gave some good things to him during our courtship (hello professional popcorn popper that he cherishes to this day) but mostly I just missed. He, on the other hand, gave lovely, expensive, thoughtful gifts that amazed me. For example, our first Halloween together he carved me a pumpkin, yeah, WOW!

My bad gifting came to the summit of badness on our first wedding anniversary. Let me set it up. I was under the assumption, that while we were both employed and making good money, that we were going to keep the gifting modest. I mean we were trying to renovate the master bath, back room and eventually the kitchen. So I picked a very modest gift (a fine wooden lap desk from Levenger - I'm embarrassed just to type this), I thought he would be proud that I gave him this useful and reasonably priced item! And of course a card. I was very excited!! Well, that fateful day rolled around and I presented him with this lovely item - not wrapped of course. He kind of looked at it funny and smiled a bit, meanwhile I'm beaming like the sun. He looked at me and said "You gave me a piece of wood? I mean I like it and will use it, but it's a piece of wood." He then handed me a card, I opened it up and inside next to the flowery words of love was a picture of the most lovely cashmere Hermes scarf that would be arriving later in the week in that wonderful orange box from the store in NYC. (Cue the losing game show music) I suck! He, to this day, does not let me forget that I gifted him "a piece of wood". In my defense, he uses it everyday, but it probably wasn't the best choice for that occasion. Since then, we have made an agreement that we will just buy things for the house or put money in for a vacation instead of exchanging gifts for these occasions.

I'm so gun shy about giving gifts that I usually just don't and wait until the pressure of the occasion is off. Then I can just casually find something during the year that I think the person would like and just send it then as a surprise.

So I apologize to everyone to whom I have gifted the weird, inappropriate, off-the-wall and what-the-hell was she thinking gifts that usually arrive late and unwrapped.

I am truly sorry.

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  1. Eh, so much the better for re-gifting. Your friends don't have to shop!


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