Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spring 2014 NYFW Trend - Color

Here are the trends that everyone gets jazzed about - the color trends!  I'm going to say (again) that cobalt is sticking around (yay)!  Some other familiar colors from seasons past make an appearance too (orange, the dash of lime/neon green/yellow, green).  The biggest emerging color trend I see is purple, which is represented in all of it's incarnations from almost-blue to almost-burgundy.  Purple is tricky.  In my experience, people have very strong reactions to it.  They either love or hate it, rarely is a person indifferent.  Without further ado, here are the Spring 2014 NYFW color trends:

Are you excited about these? How do you feel about the purple trend?  Make sure you keep checking out my Spring 2014 Pinterest board for my latest picks (London is off to a fabulous start)!  Tomorrow we tackle another trend.

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  1. red is my all time go to colour. and i am totally crushing on b&w this winter. orange is new to me but i fancy trying it. great piece! Thanks for linking up to Passion for Fashion, hope you'll join us again tomorrow xx


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