Monday, August 5, 2013

Resort 2014 Trends - Color

This week I'm going to cover the trends from the Resort 2014 collections (check out my Resort 2014 Pinterest board).  Why did I sort of skip over Fall? Honestly, resort is more wearable, it covers warm and cool weather items and (my favorite reason) it gives a good idea about what next Spring will hold - meaning you can buy stuff on sale now that will be on trend for next Spring/Summer!  Today we are starting with colors.  First up, blue.  Seriously, blue has been dominating the collections for the past few seasons.  It's sticking around!

Next up, green.  Not really one specific shade of green (please Pantone stop trying to make Emerald Green happen - that was a bad call).  It's not a dominating color across all collections, but it was one that caught my attention.

And last up is one of those colors that isn't obvious, but when it shows up it makes a statement. A splash of neon green/yellow.  Whether it be an accent color in a print or an accessory, it adds interest. 

What do you all think? Are you excited about these colors?

Tomorrow we tackle another trend.

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