Thursday, November 8, 2012

Narciso Rodriguez at Kohl's UPDATE/Review!

I went and checked it out and I must say I'm even more impressed now that I've seen it in person!  They didn't have the entire line in my store, they had about 90%, but there were some standouts in my eyes (and yes, I purchased something)!  Bonus, it's all 30% off right now!
Tiered Peplum Top - $48 - $33.60 right now
This top is stunning in person, love the black version (which looks to be sold out online) but this red is so pretty too.  It's not one of the obvious ruffle peplums, it's more drapey and more edgy. Great for tummy camouflage (not that anyone would ever need that - lol!)
Tile Georgette top - $54 - $37.80 right now
This top!  This top is gorgeous in person.  Yes, it's the one I bought.  The printed panels are more sheer than you would think, but not so much as to have to wear something under it (unless you are in an uber conservative environment).  I was telling one of my BFF's that I can imagine this top worn with some cute ankle length, slim cut, black trousers and kitten heeled pumps.  Or in my real life, some cute jeans and a blazer or yoga pants or whatever - ha!  All kidding aside, this is a sophisticated, well executed print.

Yoryu Top Set - $54 - $37.80 right now
Doesn't look like much in the picture, but in person it looks extremely high end.  The cream panels are a sheer crepe (don't worry it comes with a beige camisole). It reminded me a lot of his high end line with the texture mixing and structure.

Taffeta Trench Coat - $120 - $84 right now
A bit shiny (hey, it's taffeta), but super chic.  Great color and not too heavy.  Perfect coat to go with any holiday outfits!

Crepe Blazer - $84 - $58.80 right now
This is one stunning blazer in person.  You can't tell, but it has black panels on each side and under the arms (hello slimming!).  It's a good weight and really tailored.  Fab-u-lous!

Ponte Sheath Dress - $60 - $42 right now
This is a lovely dress, in fact all of the dresses were lovely.  They are all made from a super structured knit, that won't stretch out. 

Those are my top picks, but I encourage you to check the line out for yourself.  He did a great job, it really feels sophisticated.  One of my main gripes with Kohl's is that, while there are certainly gems there, the lines tend to feel repetitive.  My theory is that they use the same manufacturers for each line and therefore things feel like "I've seen this before" - speaking more to the prints and color choices.  It blands out, so to speak.  This line breaks that mold and I hope they continue to push the boundaries.

What do you think?  Have you checked it out yet?

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  1. I just went and checked out the collection. Thank you for sharing. Of course the items I wanted were out of my size. That peplum top was super cool and I would have loved it in Kelly green.

  2. So what did you purchase? Now I'm curious!

  3. If I didn't already want to go check it out from your first post (which I did), this post made me want to even more. I think I NEED that first top! I can't wait to see how you styled the top you bought!

  4. thanks for the updates!! i need to check thisout

  5. Nice post dear :)

    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway on my blog :)

  6. Nice post dear :)

    Btw. you can join Estée Lauder Giveaway on my blog :)

  7. I'm in love with everything!!
    We don't have Kohl's here. Boo.

  8. Ooooh fabulous finds! I'll definitely swing by and check them out.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  9. I saw some of the NR line at Kohls 2 days ago...but I don't know, I wasn't as impressed as I wanted to be.

  10. glad you found something!! and the sale prices are great! would love to see the top on you!


  11. There's no Kohls near Manhattan :( I was definitely interested in checking out so maybe someone will pick it up for me for Christmas. Good to know it's quality because most of those designer lines aren't

  12. Now it is on major clearance. I hope I like as much as you did. We will see.


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