Thursday, November 8, 2012

What I'm Loving - Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation at Kohl's

I adore Narciso Rodriguez, the lines of his designs are always so sharp and clean.  Just perfection.  So I was super excited when it was announced he was doing a limited edition line for Kohl's!  It's finally out and I have my eye on a few of the items.
This outfit is nice, love the top - $48
I wouldn't pair them together though, I'm thinking they would work a lot harder (and not be so pajama-y if kept apart)
This top/tee (which I can't find online yet) might be my one "must have" out of the whole collection.  You could dress it up and down.  Obsessed.

Totally in love with these pants - $48
I need these in my life.
I'm going to hit up Kohl's and check it all out in person and I'll let you all know if it lives up to the photos in person. What do you think?  Are you going to check it out?
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  1. I love the color blocked skirt, but I really do not like the coats in the collection. They look too much like bathrobes. Yet, tf you wear the coat and the outfit in the first photo, you'd be ready for a very chic slumber party ;)

  2. There's a Kohl's really close to me and for some reason I rarely go there (probably because it's right by Target and I spend all my money there, haha!). But I do want to go check out this collection, I'll have to go there BEFORE Target!

  3. these are some great pieces!

    xo Jessica
    -check it out!-

  4. i love the skirt that's paired with the tee you love. graphic, but simple enough to still be versatile.



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