Thursday, August 20, 2009

Color Story - Purple

In my previous life I created many color stories and I'm kind of missing that. I always loved pouring through magazines, books, etc.; pulling images, sifting through them and pulling together trend and/or color groups. It never failed that something would emerge. So please indulge me as I share my first color story with you. I hope you enjoy:

This purple story started with the Bottega Veneta ad and quickly snowballed from there. It's not a conventional purple, it's more of a greyish purple and then a brownish purple - bordering on burgundy (though a straight up purple is represented by the clutch - by Nancy Gonzalez via a Neiman Marcus ad - in the middle of the collage as well as in the room's lighting). In my experience people have very strong reactions to purple - they either love it or hate it, rarely is a person indifferent.

Images (starting clockwise from top left) via InStyle, Mauboussin, Bottega Veneta (2), Neiman Marcus, Vogue (I think - correct me if I'm wrong), Interior Design


  1. I love the idea of putting together a color story, just for fun. I used to spend hours making collages when I was younger. I need to take the time to do an inspiration board again...they are so much fun:) Oh, and I definitely love purple.

  2. We are fashion soul mates - I have been lusting over those Bottega Veneta ads since they appeared. I have previously had a passion for purple but this hue of amethyst is gorgeous. Don't they say that purple hues create relaxation, cool & calmness. I also read that it evokes prosperity & abundance...& heaven knows I need that!! Great post Dobbygirl & fabulous weekend to you!
    p.s.- loved your comments about Andie McDowell- that is so cool. Thanks always for your much appreciated comments.Your the best!


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