Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interesting Hotel Chain Alert!

I stumbled upon the Ace Hotel chain recently in my reading. It's an interesting concept, from what I gather, they provide reasonably priced, few frills, yet funky (sort of a musician vibe) accommodations. Currently there are Ace Hotels in Portland, Seattle, New York and Palm Springs. The rooms range from single with shared bathroom to a loft with all the variations in between (including bunk beds in NY). Here are some examples of rooms from the various locations:
Standard King: Palm Springs

Ace Suite: Palms Springs
Standard: New York

Deluxe: New York

Super Deluxe: New York

Loft: New York

Standard Double: Portland

Standard Room: Seattle

Deluxe Room: Seattle

Images via Ace Hotel


  1. Very cool.

    I did spy this post and thought you'd enjoy it...

  2. Thanks for the tip on this great hotel chain. In my favorite places, each & every one. I really..really want to visit the Palm Springs one. Thanks so much. :D


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