Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NYY Steak at the new Yankee Stadium

I love hospitality design, I love being part of a space designed for many people to use and enjoy (I used to design fabrics for hospitality). So when I ran across this Contract Magazine article about the hospitality spaces at the new Yankee Stadium, the photos absolutely stopped me in my tracks. I am not a Yankees fan (you are talking to a Chicago White Sox girl) but even those that hate the Yankees cannot deny how beautiful these spaces are. I am particularly fond of the NYY Steak restaurant which overlooks the stadium's Great Hall. It features American black oak floors, blue leather upholstered club chairs, antique brown granite bar and, my favorite feature, a series of walls paneled in back lit, acid-etched bronze mirrors with autographs from those who impacted the history of the Yankees. I love that it's warm and sophisticated. These spaces were designed by II BY IV . Check out the entire article with more photos here.

Images via Contract Magazine
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  1. Incredible restaurant. Funny because I was thinking the other day that restaurant design sometimes doesn't gather as much attention is our design world. There are so many fabulous eateries out there to admire. Great post DG! XXx deb


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