Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ummm, I'm not so sure

I got an email from Vivre today introducing Isaac Mizrahi's new handbag collection and they are interesting to say the least. I'm not sure if they are interesting in a good way or interesting in a "what the heck was he thinking?" way (with the prices, I'm leaning towards the latter). Here are just a few of the offerings, I'll let you be the judge:

Large Brooklyn Tote - $2,250

Orange Leather Tote - $1,650 (note: that's not a dust cover, it's part of the bag)

Pink Leather Duffel - $1,250 (again with that dust cover thing)

Green Satchel - $995

I like Isaac, he's kooky and I like his design point of view. But I'm just not digging these, I like the Brooklyn Tote, but not for that price. I love that orange tote (the shade of orange is perfect) but why put that dust thing on it, and why charge $1650? Oh well. You can check out more here.

Images via Vivre


  1. I so agree Dobby Girl - good call out. What was Issac thinking? Yeowzer...
    Thanks for your too kind comments today, you are so sweet!!

    Have a great day dear Dobby!

    P.S. - I was nicknamed "Doobie" in school. Not for what you'd think (ha) but because as a nickname for Debbie. I even had a license plate in CA with it!! Ahhh..good times :D

  2. I saw these too and I'm not impressed.


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