Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NYC Museum Report - Artist/Illustrator Maira Kalman at The Jewish Museum

Contributor Laura Johnson checking in again with another exhibition report. Laura is a gifted textile designer and colorist with 20 years of experience who lives and works in Manhattan. Because we all can't live in or visit NYC regularly she'll be checking in from time to time to report about exhibits and other interesting tidbits happening there.

Maira Kalman
Le Corbusier Sink, 2006Gouache on paper
7 3/4 x 7 1/2 in.
Collection of Jane and Patrick Curley

There was a wonderful show here of the work of artist/illustrator Maira Kalman at The Jewish Museum. 
She has done so many wonderful things, and the show is a joy to walk through. You may recognize some of her New Yorker covers – always favorites of mine.
Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz
New Yorkistan, 2001Gouache and pencil on paper
20 x 14 3/4 in.
Collection of Erica and Eric Schwartz

She lives in Manhattan and has written and illustrated 13 children’s books.  She also illustrated a version of Shrunk and White’s classic The Elements of Style which was one of the best Christmas gifts I ever bought for my husband! 
Maira Kalman
Sentence Fragment, 2004-2005Gouache on paper
12 3/4 x 10 3/4 in.
Courtesy of the artist

She has curated a room at the end of the show filled with items her studio.  There are several textiles designed by her, and the most wonderful embroideries.  After seeing this show, you may feel as if you have taken a little tour of her life in drawings.

*Note from Jenny - I dropped the ball on this post and it got lost in my drafts folder, so unfortunately the show has just ended.  However, you can find the catalogue of her gorgeous work here.

Images via The Jewish Museum


  1. I love the colors she uses! I never knew a picture of just a sink could look so beautiful!

  2. I love Maira Kalman's illustrations! I would have loved to see the embroideries they had on display. Thanks, too, for such a neat snapshot on the exhibit!


  3. Very cool.

  4. pretty sketches! i like her style.

    at least you have an h&m within driving distance?? we don't have one, period! nor do we have zara!



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