Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Want This! - Missoni for Target (duh)

First, just to let you know that I have posted this week's new-to-me recipe on my Facebook page (and it was a grand slam in my house) - check it out!

Okay, I know I'm late to the game with my Missoni for Target post, but hey that's the way I roll right now.  Here are the items that I plan on making mine.  Now, I've been on a spending freeze as of late, but since I love Missoni so much and the stuff looks like it could be really outstanding, I've put some moola aside so I can splurge!  My wish list is as follows:
Yes, yes and yes to that cape/wrap!

This whole darn ensemble (but main focus on the tunic)!

The tote.

What about taking that robe and wearing it as a kimono with some jeans and a tank?  Me likey!

How gorgeous are these shoes?  They look money here, but we'll have to see in person if they are as fab.

Makeup bags - will be part of a Christmas gift idea for friends (shhhh).

These are for little girls, maybe can score a pair for my little one, if they come in her size.

Need some throw pillows - this would work perfectly!

Love the one on the left.  I'm hoping it's a large pillow.

A tray will most certainly be mine!

Ah, this is gorgeous!

Would love a frame...

And will certainly want one of these pictures (kind of digging the upper right purple one) - how amazing would all four of these look clustered together in a walk-in closet?  Oh, I miss my huge closet...

Okay, that's what I want.  Now we'll have to wait until 9/13 to actually see what I score.  Stay tuned!


  1. Yea...I want a lot of stuff from this collection too *drools*
    (and yayyy for Potter collectibles, haha :D )

  2. I really love the household items. They are so much better than the boring whites and blacks you usually see.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. i'm not looking forward to the craziness on this day...but i really want some things, too! the swimsuit was really cute, and i love the cape! wish us luck!


  4. I've been scoping out the collection too, and we have many of the same picks! I want both of those shoes, the tote, and the makeup bags. But I never thought about wearing the robe as a jacket. Now it's on my wishlist too!

  5. This is the first time I've seen those heels.. I think I'm in love! Like you said, I hope they are as good in person. The center tray is a must, too! Thanks for adding to the anticipation for Missoni!


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