Thursday, February 21, 2013

NYFW Fall 2013 Trends - Color

As I finished looking at the images from NY Fashion week a couple of color trends popped out at me.  These aren't new or groundbreaking, but I made note of them because they have been around and will continue to be around.  First up, cobalt blue!
Love that this color is sticking around! It's just so happy and sophisticated.
Next up, vivid pinks!
Every pink from pastel to neon, they all are represented.
This by no means are all the color trends, just ones that jumped out at me (and certainly these are ones that you can find now and wear this Spring and Summer with no problem at all).  I'll be back with more as London, Milan and Paris wrap up.  I'm pinning away every day on my Fall 2013 Pinterest board - check it out for more great picks!
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  1. I've got cobalt jeans and I love pink, so I think I'm ready! ;)

  2. Huge fan of these colors! The bolder the better, I say!

  3. Love the cobalt blue color! I was surprised to see more blue on the runways since emerald was the color of the year


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