Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Weekend!

What a crazy past couple of weeks.  Here's a bit of what's been going on.

As everyone knows Google Reader is going bye-bye as of July 1st.  Thanks Google.  Really, I mean thanks for throwing a wrench in my blog reading/organization world.  Jerks.  Anyway, feel free to hop over and follow me on Bloglovin'.  They are making it super easy to import all your Reader info (it takes a minute, seriously).  I also signed up for Feedly to just have another RSS Reader option (they are making it easy to import your Reader info too).

I signed up for Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte!
I'm so excited!  I'm ready to reignite my blogging fire and learn a lot of useful information.  Because, duh, I've been a super slacker blogger lately.  Is anyone else going to be there?  Let me know!

This happened:
I tried a new at-home haircolor and it messed up my hair in the most epic way, I had no less than 4 different colors at random locations around my head.  In over 20 years of coloring my hair at home, nothing like this has ever happened.  And you can tell from the picture how silky smooth my hair was after coloring *ahem*.  I'm debating on doing a post about this, I don't want to be crazy mean to the company, but the issues with this product are multifold.  Would you be interested in reading about it?

And lastly, kudos for PopSugar for taking over Shopstyle and rendering the site virtually impossible to use.  That's why I  haven't been able to do any outfit stuff because I can't create a layout for love or money.  I have emailed, tweeted, DM'ed, screamed, used two computers, a tablet, 3 different browsers and still the site is basically useless to me.  To say I'm angry would be an understatement.  Is anyone else having issues with the site?  It can't just be me.

Boy, I'm all sour grapes today.  Well, it all can't be rainbows and unicorn farts.  On to a better week next week!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Sorry about your hair. I, for one, would love to read about your experience. And it has been a crappy week all around...
    Happy "ides of March".

  2. Oh my, rough week! Your poor hair! I would definitely like to read about what happened - consider it a PSA! I totally agree with you about Google Reader & Pop Sugar :( Hope your weekend is much better!

  3. mercury is in retrograde, but it ends today!! things will get better soon!

  4. Hi Jenny!

    I just saw your tweet about Bloggy Boot Camp. Forgive my extreme delay. I've been slacking lately :)

    Anyhow, I can't wait to meet you! This will be my first conference, so I'm super excited. I know we're all going to have a blast.

    p.s. Just started following you via Bloglovin'!


  5. Can you say what brand of coloring you went with? So I can avoid it in the future. I haven't checked out Bloglovin' because it wasn't considered the best of the best of RSS readers out there. Feedly is awesome sauce. I'm surprised that all bloggers are running to Bloglovin, but maybe it is all about the code.


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