Monday, March 13, 2017

What I'm Loving Right Now - YouTube Channels

Do you watch any YouTube channels?  Is that only for teens and preteens (feels like it, right)?  Am I late to the game because I'm over 40?  So many questions.  Well, since we cut the cable cord and only do Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, I've discovered this whole new world of YouTube.  I became familiar with YouTube and the idea of content creation via my 8 year old who loves watching the people who open and review toys.  But I really had no idea about just how many people were creating content that would be interesting to me in any way.  And I had no idea about vlogs, I mean, I knew about them, but didn't think they would be interesting at all.  I was wrong, I'm addicted to them at the moment.  So here are the channels/people that I'm loving now.

Kristina Braly (formerly Pretty Shiny Sparkly) - she was my gateway YouTuber, she lead me down the rabbit hole and she doesn't even know it.  She's beauty, luxury, etc and I love her vlogs.

Lydia Elise Millen - I LOVE HER!  There I said it.  She's just so real and beautiful and lovely and sweet.  She's my #1 favorite right now, she covers beauty, luxury and her vlogs are so fun.  Her fiance is great too, love his channel as well.

The Gold Project - Nothing slick and chic here, just useful information about organizing, packing, planning and other "boring" stuff.  And honestly, the boring stuff is the stuff that can make your life easy or hard. So I'm always looking for ideas to make that stuff a lot easier.  Kristin is like a really good friend.  I totally have copied some of her photo organizing ideas.  And she's planning a gluten free series starting soon (her gluten free video is worth watching if interested).

How Jen Does It - So many good cleaning and meal tips on this channel.  She may have the cleanest house in the USA, seriously.  She's a wealth of information.  Her recipes and meal hauls/planning are great.

Allana Davison - She's adorable, funny and I love her makeup tutorials.  Follow her on Snapchat, she's hilarious, I mean THE best!

TJ's Ways - TJ is so darn real and I love that and I love her spirit.  Follow along with the KonMari method of decluttering her whole house.  No joke, she did it from top to bottom and talks through it.  She's so positive and inspiring in those videos, it's worth the journey.  She's slowed down posting a bit but her channel is worth keeping an eye on.

Iam CHOUQUETTE - Claire is a newish YouTuber and one of Lydia's friends.  She's all about luxury, beauty and just life stuff.  She's funny and honest.  I like how she's kind of scattered and rambles.

And last but not least, Nicole Guerriero - I mean I think everyone knows her beauty tutorials, etc.  But her vlogs are my favorite part of her channel. She's funny and I love her cats.

Do you follow any of these ladies?  Do you have any "must watch" YouTubers?  If so let me know, I'm always looking for more channels.  Have a great week!

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