Monday, January 9, 2017

Book Review - "Cloris: My Autobiography" by Cloris Leachman (#26 - 2016)

Cloris: My Autobiography by Cloris Leachman

My word, Cloris Leachman has lived a LIFE!  I've always been a big fan, but didn't know a lot about her or her journey.  She's delightfully candid, honest, fun and normal.  This is a person who has lived her life fearlessly, open to new adventures and experiences.  She started out doing radio voice work, being a theater understudy, etc.  Eventually earning a reputation as a dependable, hard worker with a lot of talent.  She shared the Broadway stage with Katherine Hepburn, her husband's best friend was Marlon Brando, Judy Garland's kids hung out at her house, etc.  She knew and/or worked with a who's who in Hollywood.  Her range of work is mind-boggling.  She's done drama, comedy, TV, Broadway, movies.  Winning an Oscar and a lot of Emmys along the way.  She's a legend but I don't think she knows she is.  She's a mom and grandma and a really cool lady.  I breezed through this book in 2 days, loving every minute.  She even gives you a verbal hug at the very end, like she said she would like to hug you and to consider yourself hugged.  Who does that?  It seems corny but it was so sweet.  I highly recommend this book, it was so good.

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