Monday, September 26, 2016

Book Review - "Finding Audrey" by Sophie Kinsella (#16 - 2016)

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

I love Sophie Kinsella's books (Shopaholic series, etc.), they are always light, fluffy and fun to read.  So I was super excited to read her first Young Adult novel.  Okay, it's not awful, but it's not amazing either.  To be honest I expected a bit more.  The story is about fourteen year old Audrey who wears dark glasses all the time and rarely leaves her house.  You find out that she has a crippling anxiety disorder and depression stemming from some major bullying at school (though it takes a while to figure it out and she never gets specific as to what exactly happened, it's very vague and a bit maddening because you just want more information). You find out how her family has been affected, especially her mother and older brother.  But not really.  There is a mom vs brother over video games story line that annoyed me to no end.  Anyway, it follows her as she starts to find her way back to wanting to leave the house and have friends again.  Sort of.  Look, this book could have been a tremendous teaching story, a refreshing story about her dealing with these issues and finding a way through it.  Instead it's overly simplified and almost too breezy how it all starts to come together (solidified by her brother's friend Linus).  Sort of like "here's a boy, he'll solve all your problems" type of deal.  I don't know, it just fell flat to me (maybe I'm too old?).  I just expected so much more from Ms. Kinsella.  

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