Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Book Review - "Wake Up Happy" by Michael Strahan (#12 - 2016)

Wake Up Happy by Michael Strahan

I picked up this book because I like Michael Strahan a lot and wanted to learn more about him.  This was a short book, easy to read but not lacking in information or stories.  He talks about his childhood on an Army base in Germany and how inspiring his parents are to him.  He covered how he was determined to play football in high school in the hope of getting a college scholarship.  To do that he had to leave his family in Germany and come to live with his Aunt and Uncle in Houston, Texas.  Plus he had played football only just a little bit, so it was a huge learning curve for him.  It taught him focus and determination and also to not give up.  I really like how he was honest in his "failures" and how he learned from them and how he took those lessons and built upon them to better himself.  He wasn't worried about not succeeding, he was more worried about not trying.  I like that a lot!  Anyway, I liked the book a lot for an easy, breezy and very positive and inspiring read!

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