Monday, July 18, 2016

Book Review - "A Window Opens" by Elisabeth Egan (#9 - 2016)

A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan

I had heard so many glowing reviews of this book that I couldn't wait to pick it up.  I'm totally the working-mom-in-her-40s that this book is aimed at.  I had high hopes.  Those were quickly dashed by Alice, the main character whose lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.  Alice's husband decides to leave his high-powered law job in Manhattan which means Alice has to find a full time job (she was working part time at a woman's magazine).  She finds a position at a book selling start up.  But it's hard, yo.  It's so hard when you have a nanny and your husband works for himself now close to home.  You have to work long hours, check emails outside of work and deal with difficult bosses (the horrors).  Her best friend is a book store owner and when Alice takes the job at the competition (that she needs to pay the bills - keeping up with the Jones's ain't cheap) her friend totally turns into a bitter a-hole.  Guess she's not that great of a friend?!  But then she is?!  The characters are really awful.  Yes, there is a touching side story about her father and his cancer battle and how stressful it is.  But then she gets all bent out of shape about her lawyer husband helping her mom and dad get their affairs in order.  It's honestly hard for someone like me who doesn't have the help she does (example, she never has to make dinner, the nanny or her mother does that every night) to muster up much sympathy.  She got sad one day because they were sharing toothbrushes at home (?), like there aren't 1000 Duane Reades in Manhattan that you can't walk in and buy some toothbrushes in 5 minutes (?).  It's head scratching. It's like she wants to be a stay-at-home mom but doesn't want to actually admit that or something.  I couldn't figure out if this was a thinly veiled memoir, because it came across as a bit of that, which comes off as sour grapes.  I honestly cannot recommend this book at all, it's insulting. 

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