Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Book Review - "Bonkers: My Life in Laughs" by Jennifer Saunders (#7 - 2016)

Bonkers: My Life in Laughs by Jennifer Saunders

I picked this up immediately after I finished Amy's Poehler's book (review here).  So it's back-to-back funny lady memoirs!  I LOVE Jennifer Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous was life changing for me (not exaggerating).  So I was eager to learn more about her and her journey.  The one thing I took away from this is that she's very laid back.  She's just all about getting on with things, not making a big deal.  She's not about being famous or overly ambitious, she just wants to be happy and live a good life.  Even dealing with breast cancer, she just had a really good attitude.  I really liked the story she told about writing (or trying to write) a screenplay for Goldie Hawn.  It was very lol.  I think she's extremely underrated as a comedy writer (with Ruby Wax - who is a scream), she has a fearlessness that is unmatched.  She was light years ahead when it came to writing female characters that were equal to male characters in regards to not worrying about them being likable, quiet or precious.  Like Edina could be placed into a movie like Caddyshack and hold her own.  She proved that an all-female cast in a comedy show could be successful.  Not only successful but a phenomenon, people everywhere love the show, love the characters.  This was in the early/mid '90s and trust me I had never seen anything like it.  I think she doesn't get nearly the credit she deserves for changing things up.  My only complaint about the book was that she skips around a lot and it can get confusing.  But other than that, I recommend it!

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