Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book Review - "Diary of a Mad Diva" by Joan Rivers (#33 - 2015)

Diary of a Mad Diva by Joan Rivers

Joan. Joan. Joan. I swear I miss you every single day.  I miss your biting wit, I miss your honesty, I miss that you never apologized for your comedy.  That being said, this was my least favorite of her books, but still had lots of lol's.  As the title indicates, it's written in diary form with entries for almost every day of the year.  And if you take any of what she writes seriously then you need to lighten up, it's all for laughs.  And Joan always delivers the laughs.  As for her other books, I highly recommend Enter Talking and Still Talking, not for the laughs, but for her very honest, very thoughtful memoirs illustrating just how strong and yes, brave she was.  I love her and I hate she left us so suddenly.

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  1. we lost so many greats it recent years. looked forward to watching her on the red carpet.


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