Friday, May 8, 2015

Book Review - "The Everyday Supermodel" by Molly Sims (#22 - 2015)

Molly is refreshingly open, honest and specific with her tips and tricks to help you look, eat, work-out, and feel better.  She's included recipes, lists, step-by-step instructions, etc.  Seriously, everything from eating, wardrobe refreshing, makeup tips, pep talks, reviews of what beauty treatments she's used and liked, this book is chock full of information.  I appreciated her straight talk and her honesty about how much it takes to look like she does (of course it's her job so who can blame her).  It's like having a best friend who is in the "know" and then shares it all with you.  I was impressed, motivated and I will be referring to it a lot.  I highly recommend it!

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