Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Review - "True Love" by Jennifer Lopez (#10 - 2015)

True Love by Jennifer Lopez

I'll preface this review by saying that I'm a Jennifer Lopez fan, just love her.  So I was interested in this book to begin with (by the way, the book itself is gorgeous).  That being said, I was pleasantly surprised at how "real" she got in this book about her issues with self-esteem and being able to just love herself, the journey to her realization that she is "enough".  This book was super easy to read, I was done in under 4 hours flat.  Lots of glamorous J.Lo pictures, lots of soul searching, stories and candid takes on her relationships.  I like how she walks the reader through her revelations and the work that went into it.  Now is this stuff groundbreaking?  No.  Is it useful? Sure.  I think you can learn something from anyone's journey (it's why I love reading autobiographies and biographies).  That being said, I'm not sure a non-J.Lo fan would like it, because it's a whole lot of J.Lo.  If you are a J.Lo fan then I would certainly pick this one up!

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