Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Review - "Swapping Lives" by Jane Green (#11 - 2015)

Swapping Lives by Jane Green

Very typical Jane Green book (nothing heavy with lots of British-isms).  This story centers on the lives of Amber and Vicky, two women in their mid-30's living an ocean away from each other, each wondering if life can be more fulfilling.  Vicky lives in London and is an editor at the very posh, Poise magazine.  She's very successful, single and lives in a flat with her cat Eartha.  She always thinks how wonderful it must be to be married with children, how if she only had a husband and children, then life would be perfect.  Amber is a housewife in Connecticut, married to a successful man who works on Wall Street, they have two young children and live in one of the most lavish homes in their town.  But Amber is getting tired of keeping up with the Jones's and feels she's forgotten who she really "is" (or at least who she used to be before being married with children).

Vicky voices her dreams of a perfect husband and children life wishes and Poise's Editor-In-Chief decides that it would make a great story for the magazine.  So they run a contest where women who live Vicky's ideal life can write in why they want to swap lives with Vicky.  After sorting through the candidates, they decide on Amber.  So they switch lives and discover that the grass isn't always greener and nothing is perfect.  Duh.  Anyway, it was a fun read, good for any upcoming beach trips.  Just don't think about it too hard!

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