Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Book Review - "The Other Woman" by Jane Green (#2 - 2015)

The Other Woman by Jane Green

A quick, easy read.  Ellie is thrilled to be marrying into the seemingly perfect Cooper family, so like the family she has wished for her whole life.  But Dan's mom Linda may be a little too involved in their life, taking over the wedding planning.  Linda is rather intense and you really just want Ellie to tell her to shove it and tell Dan to stand up to his mom.  After getting married and having their first child, things get even more intense and complicated.  Can Ellie hold her family together and negotiate Linda and her need to be needed?  It's an okay story, nothing groundbreaking, check your brain at the door.  But it was a good book to read before starting the darker book that I'll cover tomorrow.

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