Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reviews - PopSugar September Must Have Box & Fall FabFitFun Box

Starting with the September PopSugar Must Have Box:
This was my first PopSugar Must Have box and the reason I pulled the trigger was the spoiler of the scarf.  I wanted that scarf.  So the rest of this is gravy.  

Here is the scarf - it's gorgeous, buttery soft, light as air and HUGE!  It did not disappoint!  (some similar patterns from the same brand here and here).

The other items I've used are the earbuds and I've framed one of the cards.  I'm going to use the $20 Nike gift card too - just have to figure out what shoes I want.  I need some new gym shoes badly.  Overall I was pleased.  I did end up cancelling my subscription (but not before the October box was billed - the box still hasn't arrived though).  The only complaint I've had with this box is that it took FOREVER to get to me and customer service was so slow to respond to my questions.

Now for my (usually) favorite box - the FabFitFun Fall box:
I have yet to be disappointed with this box, until this one.  The only thing I've even used are the Great Soles Ballet Barre Peds, they are awesome!  I mean there are some good things in the box, but they just didn't appeal to me.  I'm going to be passing most of this on.  I'm hoping the Winter box is better, if not I might rethink continuing with the subscription.  If you are interested in subscribing then go here (use code WINTER5 for $5 off your first box).


  1. I had issues with POPSUGAR too so that's why I've canceled :/ FabFitFun is an interesting mix since it's more "lifestyle" so not sure I'd love it every month either :/

  2. I always enjoy seeing what people get in these subscription boxes. I've never gotten one myself, but I'm always intrigued. That scarf looks like a great score too--the soft color is so pretty!


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