Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Bought - April 2014

I really was trying to not buy anything this month, but then I pulled out my shorts for the warm weather we've had and, surprise (not really) I couldn't wear one pair.  But that's a sad story for another day.  Anyway, I needed some shorts.
1. Gap sweatshirt - $8.38 (on sale)
2. Gap slim cropped striped pants - $24.49 (on sale)
3. H&M maxi dress - $10.39 (thrifted)
4. Gap shorts - $10.39 (thrifted)
5. LOFT denim shorts - $10.39 (thrifted)
6. Forgot the brand shorts - $7.19
7. Revlon hair dryer - $21.24
9. Mossimo cargo pants (not shown) - $10.39 (thrifted)

Total = $114.85
- $48.75 (thrift store credit used)
Total spent out of pocket - $66.10

Go forth and shop responsibly!
I'm linking up with Budgeting Bloggers over at Franish!


  1. $66 for all that!? Score!
    Love the Gap cropped pants! I'm wearing a dress in today's post that I got on sale there this month! ;)

  2. not bad, not bad!! i've been realizing i don't have a LOT of necessities...crazy as that seems, lol! like a basic white tank which i KNOW i'll need in summer. even a white tee.

  3. Those striped pants are so cute! And I love that yellow pair of shorts too!

  4. great buys! you did really awesome. that maxi is classic, and great price!

  5. So many great buys! I love the gap pants! :D
    And all for a great price, gotta love thrifting

  6. You got some great deals this month!


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