Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review - MeUndies

Disclosure: I received items for purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

Back in December I got a $20 gift card in my FabFitFun Winter box for MeUndies.  Well, I finally decided to use my card and get myself the briefs.  They also (after seeing my FabFitFun box review) generously offered to throw in a few extra goodies with my order for a review (thanks guys!).  Here's what I bought/was sent:
3. Women's Socks - $12 each

First of all, I must say the packaging is so fun!  Secondly, the quality of each product is outstanding!  The briefs are a very fine knit that is silky soft.  The fit is true to sizing and they are extremely comfortable.  My one complaint is that, while I do love these, I wish they had a style with a bit more coverage in the back. Somewhere between granny panties and bikini.  They have thongs too, but I hate a thong.  So just a thought guys ;o).

The V-Neck tee is wonderful, I love how soft it is. Since it's a men's product, it's a bit slouchy on me, but I actually like that sort of fit for casual around-the-house/errands times.  And it's made in the USA!

Now the big surprise was how much I LOVE the socks.  Like LOVE.  The Lowrise ones are perfect!
Here they are on.  They are just right in every way.  They have a thicker bottom for more cushion, a tighter knit around the arch to help with support and the elastic isn't too tight around the ankle part. These may be the perfect sock (solid color, no logo). I'm quite smitten - all this for $5?! These will be bought again (they come in black too)!  Yet another made in the USA item as well.

The patterned socks are great too.  I love a fun sock and these fit the bill.  They just got some new patterns on the website and they are so cool (the Pink Lemonade especially)!

So overall, I would recommend checking MeUndies out - they offer free shipping in the US and Canada.  They have new prints and colors coming out all the time which are so much fun!  Another plus is that everyone there is really nice and easy to deal with, you can tell they are really proud of the company and are working towards making it grow and offering quality products! 

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  1. I got 2 pair of socks with my gift card. They're pretty great. I'd try some of the other items: t-shirts and undies.


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