Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Take - Ruben Toledo Illustration from Nina Garcia's Book "The One Hundred"

Just finished Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred" last week (see review here) which is chock full of gorgeous illustrations by Ruben Toledo.  When I ran across this one, I knew I wanted to recreate it.
Crappy snap I took on my phone, from the book.  Such a chic look, the book full of gems like this!

Here's my recreation (each piece is under $100):

Quick styling tip - when you are wearing a fine gauge sweater/knit and you want to wear a pretty substantial brooch like above, then take a thin round makeup sponge (clean, obviously) and use it to help anchor the pin on the inside of the sweater.  Take the sponge and place it on the inside of the shirt where you want the pin to be and pin it through the shirt/makeup sponge).  That way it won't sag down or pull the sweater too much.

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