Monday, February 17, 2014

A High End Look For Less!

I saw these shoes while hunting for something else and they stopped me in my tracks.  They look super high end with the details but then I saw they were from Coldwater Creek (?!). There are hidden gems there (trust me). 
I'm partial to the top two colors!

Just a quick word about the crazy week we had down here in Georgia. Last Tuesday night and all day Wednesday we had freezing rain and sleet which resulted in an epic ice storm.  The rain/sleet started late Tuesday night and continued all day Wednesday.  We lost our power Wednesday afternoon and it got chilly in the house pretty quickly.  We all ended up piling in bed under piles of blankets, but sleep was tough because all night long all you could hear were the snaps and pops of trees and limbs crashing down. It was a little unnerving.
Scenes from Thursday morning.

We ended up getting a hotel room for Thursday night (sweet, sweet heat) and eventually late Thursday the sun came out and the ice started melting.  We couldn't get another room for Friday night, so we headed home to the powerless house around noon on Friday.  I had to trash everything in the fridge and freezer, then we went to the movies, etc anything to keep warm and not go nuts.  It was tough getting around town because of all the roads being closed due to trees down, etc.  

I might have worn this outfit (black yoga pants not pictured) for 24 hours straight - allegedly. 

We finally headed home as it was getting dark and hunkered down for yet another night sans heat.  But around 9:30 pm the lights, TV and heat all clicked on!  I might have cried from joy - maybe ;o)  I got my girl tucked into bed and we settled in to watch some TV and things started getting back to "normal".  Until about 10:30.  We started hearing some rumbling sound and then the house started shaking like crazy, more and more and then it stopped.  Did we just have a freaking earthquake?  Yes, yes we did, and it was centered around 20 miles from us.  It was strong enough to wake my girl up, she didn't know what the heck was going on.  The earthquake was sort of like an exclamation point on the end of an insane week.  I've been frantically playing catch up ever since.  Bear with me, posting will be light this week.  But I am keeping up with the Fall 2014 fashion shows, pinning all my favorite looks to my Fall 2014 board.  Whew...


  1. wow...what a winter everyone has been having this year! i can't even imagine hearing the trees and branches popping and cracking! sounds exciting to me, but only because we never see this happen! glad you guys are ok, though!!

  2. A week ago we got 16" of snow, today it was 70 degrees. You got us beat with the power loss, but an earthquake? That's overkill!
    Glad you survived!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is crazy! I'm glad you're safe and warm now. We got a big snowstorm earlier this winter but luckily that has been it (so far). I hope spring comes soon!! Those flats are adorable by the way, what a cute (and surprising) find!!

  4. so glad you are ok! and i'm wearing short sleeves today. craziness!


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