Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kindergarten Countdown - 27 Days

That's right, my little girl starts kindergarten in 27 days.  I haven't fully grasped this yet.  She's totally excited and so ready to get the show on the road.  I, however, am sort of freaking out.  She's growing up so fast (how cliche is that?).  Of course that first year was no fun, I wouldn't repeat the first year if you paid me.  That year almost killed me, but since then, the time has really flown by.  And now she's 5 and starting school.  Yikes!  Since the first day is right around the corner, I've started the back to school shopping.  The first purchases were her backpack and lunchbox, which she picked out from the Lands' End catalog.  And of course we had to get it personalized with her name per her request ;o)

(embroidery is extra)

Anyone else out there have a little one heading to kindergarten this year?

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