Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pinterest, before Pinterest

As much as I'm devoted to Pinterest (and boy am I.  I'm currently at over 10,600 pins?!?!), and as much as I love the ability to access inspirational images/directions/recipes anytime, anywhere, I still love ripping inspirational images out of magazines.  I find some sort of weird comfort in their physical presence.  There's nothing like touching those pages and just taking the images in #oldschool.  I've been collecting magazine tears for years (since 1987 to be exact) when I started stashing them away.  I ended up with huge stacks of papers in complete disarray.  I could never find what I needed and the pages were getting ripped and damaged.  So about 15 years ago I decided to go through them, purge, group and organize and create my "Inspiration Notebooks".  This post is just a quick walk-through of how I update them and stay on top of the endless stream of paper - it can get overwhelming.

1.  I stash all tear sheets into a clear zip top folder, until it's full.

2. When it's full, I pull the stack out and the sorting begins according to the categories of the notebooks I have.

3.  I have pre-made file folders with the categories. I file the stacks of images accordingly.  If time is tight, I'll stop here until later.

4.  Now comes the fun (and time consuming) part, putting the full page images in sheet protectors.

Making sure to trim any down and make sure they "flow" nicely.

5.  The remaining will be images that need to be cut out and pasted in separately.  In the tear sheet below, I really just wanted the image of the room and nothing else.

6.  Flip through the book and find a page where there's enough empty space for it to fit. I just use plain white  copy paper to tape it to.

7.  Use a little tape on the back to put it on  the page.

8.  That's it!  Now you have more goodies to look at when in need of inspiration (or are away from Pinterest - ha)!

Do you still save magazine tears for inspiration?  How do you preserve them for reference?

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