Friday, August 31, 2012

Fab Finds! - Lands' End Edition

It's Friday!  Yay!  It's Labor Day weekend!  Yay!  We are wrapping up the "Fab Finds" series today, I hope you've enjoyed it and I hope it inspires you to pop into some stores you might not usually go into.  Land's End has always sort of been overshadowed by L.L. Bean in my opinion, they offer many similar options, but for some reason L.L. Bean just was a "go to" for me.  But Lands' End has been trying really hard to make a few more fashion forward basics recently.  And I'm going to put a plug in for their men's button down dress shirts (not only has my Dad sworn by them for years, they are also part of my husband's work "uniform").  Here are my picks:

Left to right - Modern Rain Jacket - $50

Hope you have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!  See you next week!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fab Finds! - Chico's Edition

Okay, we are treading into major middle aged Mom territory here, walking on that "Golden Girls" tightrope heading into a Chico's right?  But stay with me here ladies.  Yes, Chico's is heavy on spangled/printed/colorful/flowy pieces that when piled on can get a bit overwhelming (and kind of aging in a way - who wants to look like their Mom?).  Anyway, when perusing Chico's you want to stick to accessories and some of the layering pieces.  The prints go a long way here, so I gravitate towards the scarves, embellished tanks, necklaces, and maybe a wrap/cardigan.  Here are my picks:
Left to right - Ayla Tassle Necklace - $27
What do you think?  Can you see yourself popping into Chico's for a look around?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fab Finds! - J.Jill Edition

I have a tendency to write J.Jill off as a catalog/store with offerings for a woman about 10 years older than me and/or a more artsy person.  You know that super cool lady that throws on some handmade jewelry as she runs off to pottery class.  Someone I'm clearly not.  But after doing some digging, it seems that looking at the items as separates make more sense.  They tend to pair the tops with more flowy bottoms that I'm not digging at least for my age group.  When looking at the offerings I gravitated towards the tunic tops (I love a tunic), these are great when paired with skinny jeans/pants.  Check out my favorite items - all on sale - score!
Left to Right (all on sale!) - Silk Charmeuse Pullover - $20
Wearever Wrap Belt - $10 - love, love this belt!

What I Wore Wednesday

Outfit post!  With this whole Instagram thing (I'm @spryonthewall if you want to check it out) I'm getting better about documenting what I wear.  Now to just get pictures of the clothes on my person - baby steps, baby steps ;o)
Top Left - Shirt - J.Crew (outlet)
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - Coach (old)
Necklace and earrings - Made by my Mom
Bottom Left - Shirt - J.Crew
Shorts - J.Crew (old)
Shoes - Cynthia Vincent for Target
Necklace - Target (old)
Top Right - Shirt - Old Navy
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - Payless
Bottom Right - Shirt - Old Navy
Shorts - J.Crew (outlet)
Shoes - Tory Burch
Necklace - F21 (old)
Earrings - Made by a friend
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fab Finds! - The Limited Edition

Okay, so granted The Limited isn't exactly off the beaten path, but it is a great place to get some polished separates.  I wore a lot of their button downs when I was working in an office, they have just the right combination of fit and stretch that made them so comfortable (in my opinion, they are on par with Theory's button downs and a whole heck of a lot less money).  Sometimes they are easy to just write off as a place where I bought almost all of my wardrobe in High School (late 80's, early 90's shout out!), but if you are near a store, I encourage you to pop in and check out their offerings.  Here are some of my favorite picks:
Top Left - Striped Blouse
Top Middle - Polka Dot Blouse
Bottom Middle - Leopard Print Belt
Top Middle - Pave Pyramid Studs
Bottom Right - Trench Rain Cape
Left - Body-Conscious Ponte Dress (very similar feel to a Stella McCartney dress - those side panels are so slimming)
Middle - Forenza Mixed Print Dress (a Balenciaga feel here)
Right - Foulard-Print Shirtdress (totally on trend scarf print)

Middle Right - Striped Ponte Skirt

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fab Finds! - Coldwater Creek Edition

Happy Monday! This week starts a series where I'm going to show you some fab finds from places you might not usually shop. What triggered this series is the lace top of mine in the outfit below:

It's a lovely lace tank from Coldwater Creek. Coldwater Creek?!?! Isn't that the store where women of a certain age shop for figure forgiving outfits? (think Bea Arthur in "Golden Girls") Well, yes it is. But my point is there are some gems in that mine, you just have to look. The best part is that when you shop in the stores that aren't in the radars of everyone else in your demo, you may just find something really unique at a price that's right.

So today I'm going to begin with some picks from Coldwater Creek:
 Left to right - Animal Instinct Blouse
Paisley No-Iron Shirt (how great would this be with some coral skinny jeans?)
Left to right - Abstract Jacket
What do you think?  Have you checked out any "off the radar" stores lately?
Tommorow we will check out another store!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Weekend and My Fall Bag Wishlist

Boy, let me tell you how happy I am that this week is over!  It was real and it was nice, but it wasn't real nice.  Here's to a better next week!  Now that September is knocking on our doors, I've been obsessing over getting a new handbag for Fall.  I'm kind of not feeling my trusty black bag, I want something a little different.  Here are the ones I'm leaning towards:
Top Left - L.A.M.B. $425
Bottom Left - Deux Lux duffle $102
Top Middle - Dooney & Bourke $298
Bottom Middle - Coach $398
Top Right - Coach $398
Bottom Right - Dooney & Bourke $278
Obviously I would love to have that L.A.M.B. houndstooth bag, but at $425 I'm not sure I can justify it.  I love the idea of a nice saddle brown bag (though I worry that since I have a LV Speedy monogram that it might be redundant to have another brown bag?).  I'm also digging a blue option.  What do you think?  Do you have any preferences?
I've got a fun series planned for next week!  See you Monday!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Take - Dior Couture Fall 2012

It's been ages since I've tackled a "my take" (basically a more user/wallet friendly version of a runway look).   I'm going to try and tackle some of these "runway to reality" type looks more often, with all of my amateur runway reviews it's nice to see how some of those looks can translate into realistic outfit inspiration.  First up is this look from the Dior Couture Fall 2012 collection:
I noted in my review how much I loved the cobalt blue paired with the pink metallic shoes.  It's a fresh color combo that I hadn't thought of.  And how simple is a blue dress and pink shoes?  I put together a dressier look, one that can be dressed up or down and a more casual version. 
Shoes - Type Z $60
Dress - Mango $70

Dress - Gap $60
Shoes - Toms $54
 What do you think?  Would you wear cobalt blue and pink together?
Dior image via

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi!  I've been a little m.i.a. lately, lots going on with school starting and my girl being bitten by ants (poor thing, her foot swelled up so much she had to miss her first "official" day of Pre-K).  My Mom was visiting last week and we dug through the storage unit and found a few goodies (more on that after the outfits).  Here are some things I've been wearing lately.  It's still Summer down here in Georgia so it's kind of the same old shorts/top story for now. 
Top Left - Top - F21 (thrifted)
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - Coach (old)
Bangles - gift
Middle Left - Top - Harajuku Lovers
Shorts - J.Crew
Shoes - Cynthia Vincent for Target
Necklace - F21 (old)
Bottom Left - Maxi dress - Target (thrifted)
Cardigan - Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Shoes - Payless
Necklace - by my Mom
Top Right - Lace Tank - Coldwater Creek
Cardigan - Target
Shorts - Old Navy (thrifted)
Shoes - Payless
Bracelets - gift
Bottom Right - Top - Loft (thrifted)
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - Payless
Bracelets - gift
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Here are a few goodies I uncovered when going through our storage unit.  I was hoping to get to some of our kitchen stuff, but the movers put all that in the back at the very bottom.  Boo.
Top - various luxury good boxes - I don't have a lot of high end stuff but I treasure what I do have.
J.Crew headbands from years ago (how excited am I to wear the skull one?  Very!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Target vs Burberry Owls

I popped into my local Target yesterday with the intention of picking up my girl's Pre-K school supplies.  Well that was a huge bust since they were wiped out of every crayon, pencil and eraser ever made.  Seriously it looked like a bomb went off.  Luckily she doesn't "officially" need these supplies until next Monday.  Feeling deflated I wandered over to the clothing section to see what they had.  Research, if you will (I will!).  Remember Burberry's Fall 2012 collection?  Remember all those adorable shirts and sweaters with the critters on them (the standout critter being the owl)?  Let me refresh your memory:
Cute, right?  But these are all just a bit pricey (the sweater is like $1200 and the tees are around $275).  Eeek!

I really hoped that a less expensive alternative would be available.  Well, leave it up to Target to help a girl out!  I was browsing the racks and came upon this cutie:
and to top it off it was on sale for $17 (originally it's $22.99)!  I think it's a nice substitute, so I snapped it up.  I also found this tee (but didn't buy):
It's $12 and would be super cute with some jeans and a black blazer!

What do you think?  Are you into the critter trend?

Images top via, middle and bottom via Target

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Five - Armani Prive Fall 2012 Couture

This collection was all about pastels and shine mixed in with lots of grounding black (velvet, no less).  These pastels were a mix of lavenders, blues, mauves, pinks.  It was a very soothing palette that brought to mind outer space for me but the actual inspiration wasn't far off, it was dusk and dawn, those colors and how they play with the night sky.  I actually really love that, those colors and light create a mood - who doesn't stop with awe at the colors of a spectacular sunrise and/or sunset?  Here are my picks:

Images via

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Five - Giambattista Valli Fall 2012 Couture

Giambattista Valli's Fall 2012 Couture collection was all about the garden.  Filled with floral and leaf prints and shapes.  Lots of ruffles, lots of embellishment and butterflies used as accessories.  I love how he designs these very feminine clothes and yet can still keep an edge.  Here are my picks:

Images via

My Five - Givenchy Fall 2012 Couture

If Karl Lagerfeld ever needs to learn how to edit a collection, just boil a collection down to the nitty gritty (and he might want to try that*), then he just needs to give Riccardo Tisci a call.  Seriously, his collections might lack in number of looks, but they certainly never lack in craftsmanship and detail.  Breathtakingly so.  These are certainly not work-a-day clothes, nor are they going to appeal to most.  But that's sort of the point of Haute Couture, no?  Couture is essentially custom built clothing that is assembled by hand with extraordinary attention to detail.  And what details.  Check out my picks below:


front was similar but the back photo showed the fringe better
Images via

*and yes, I understand that Chanel is quite a bit larger of a company and they need to appeal to many more markets/stores than Givenchy, so they naturally need to provide more product options.  However, I still think KL's collections (especially for Chanel) tend to ramble.  Maybe just tighten up the runway looks.  Throwing spitballs people...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Five - Valentino Couture Fall 2012

This collection was filled with really beautiful dresses in colors to die for.  The company's signature red was overshadowed by the lovely cobalt blues and a deep blue/purple that looked so luxe. I loved the very detailed printed and woven patterned fabrics used, just stunning!  Here are my picks, enjoy!

Images via

What I Wore Wednesday

Here are a few shots of what I've worn lately.  I really gravitated towards turquoise this past week!  I've had those turquoise J.Crew Bermuda shorts forever, but they are the coziest and most comfortable shorts ever.  I usually post what I wear daily on Instagram if you want to follow there (@spryonthewall).  As much as I love the ease of wearing shorts and tees most days, I'm ready for a little more variety that cooler temperatures allow!

Top Left - Tee - Target
Shorts - J.Crew
Shoes - Cynthia Vincent for Target
Necklace - made by Mom

Top Right - Tee - Target
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - not even sure of the brand (thrifted)
Necklace - via my Mom

Bottom Left - Tee - Banana Republic
Shorts - Old Navy
Necklace - Giveaway win

Bottom Right - Tee - J.Crew
Shorts - J.Crew
Shoes - TOMS

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Five - Chanel Couture Fall 2012

I'm going to sum up this collection in two words:  pink and grey.  And fluff.  Basically, there were lots of pink and grey outfits and some of them were fluffy.  It featured the usual mix of textures and classic "Chanel" suit variations.  Very beautiful, yes (see detail shots after my picks), but repetitive.  Look I'm going to be honest I'm down on Karl Lagerfeld at the moment.  He says the meanest most absurd things (like calling Adele "fat" and just a couple of weeks ago said that Kate Middleton's sister Pippa, should just be looked at from the back because her face is ugly or something to that effect) and I'm just kind of sick of it.  Hey Karl, you don't get a "pass" because you are an eccentric designer, mean is mean no matter who you are.  Seriously, if you don't have something nice to say then just don't say it!  Sorry for the rant, but I had to get it off my chest.  Here are my picks, enjoy!

This look is a good way to sum up the collection - metallic mixed with tweed.

Love this metallic grey with the "spray" of the hot pink".

Stunning wedding gown finale.

Detail shots (where Couture lives, in the details)!
Ah, this fabric is so gorgeous!

How awesome is the iridescent (looks to be printed on, but could be woven in - can't tell from this picture) fabric?

Totally digging these leather sleeve/gloves shown with quite a few looks (see above look too).

Images via
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