Monday, October 15, 2012

My Five - Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

This collection was mod, 60's awesome!  The Damier check featured heavily from small to large, mixed and matched.  Yellow, green, black, white, beige, brown and grey was the palette.  And there was not one classic monogram on anything!  I loved it and yes, now I'm craving a checked shirt (add it to the shopping list!).  Enjoy my picks!

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Meanwhile this song popped up in my head while I was scrolling through the pictures of this collection - groovy!


  1. These are so much fun, I love the checks! I love the flower silhouette over the tiny checked print too, it looks so pretty!

  2. Love the 60s Mod vibe and the color palate! The photo of the whole collection on the escalator is stunning.

  3. This is so crazy, but I loved it. Fun!

  4. I would totally wear the black and white skirt!

  5. So fun! I heart your blog :) I'm following you on GFC.

  6. Love the escalators and the models walking in pairs - Marc does it again!


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