Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Bought on Vacation

Okay it's been a little heavy on what I've purchased lately here on the ol' blog, but I love to share what I have purchased (especially if I like it a lot)!  Here are the two items I bought from the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Savannah.  I really wanted to go to that store during our swing through Savannah.  I had done a bit of preliminary hunting on some affordable options that I could get while I was there and this rubber bracelet fit the bill!  My dear friend has one in pink and highly recommended it.  They didn't have a ton of them in the store and in only a few colors, but the blue fit the bill for me.  And for $28 you can't beat it!
It's so lightweight and easy to wear, I totally recommend it!  It looks like separate links but it's really just one piece of molded rubber.  Here are some of the color options available:
Top left colors available here
Top right colors available here

While I was in the store I found this cute skull necklace that I fell in love with (what is up with me and skulls lately?) and at $10 I snapped it up!  This must be an in-store only option because I haven't found it online from MJ.
Since it's not available online, I found some affordable alternatives:

While we were in Hilton Head I headed to the outlets one day and picked up these goodies from J.Crew.  Bonus, they were having an extra 50% off of all sale items that day so the three pieces below cost me $30!  Awesome!
Yellow tee
Trouser jeans - similar
White bermuda shorts

So my total vacation shopping cost a grand total of $68!


  1. I want those bracelets. Sigh...

  2. Great finds. The rubber bracelet it adorable. I love the color.


  3. That bracelet is a great find! And I hope to see some of those J Crew goodies in an outfit post :)

  4. Love the bracelet! You got some good deals!


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