Monday, August 6, 2012

My Five - Christian Dior Couture Fall 2012

Welcome to Couture Week!  Otherwise known as my week long coverage of my picks from the Fall 2012 Haute Couture shows.  Away we go!

This marks the first collection for newly installed Dior designer Raf Simons and there was a mild hysteria over the whole thing.  When I heard that Mr. Simons landed the Dior job I can honestly say that my first reaction was nothing.  I had no opinion.  I felt that Bill Gaytten had found his footing  (see the outstanding IMO Fall 2012 ready to wear collection), but I guess they wanted a "name".  So here we are.  After looking at the collection my first reaction was that he did a great job paying tribute to Christian Dior and the "new look" - nipped in waist, full skirt.  My second reaction was, what's going on with the chests?  The bodices of some of the dresses were weird.  They have foldy out (such technical language from this apparel major) fabric where the breasts are and it makes it look like the girl's boobs are all wonky.  I like to call it the "wonky boob" - see below:
Why do that?  Take that fabric away and you have a beautiful dress.  Sheesh.
Jessica Biel just wore this same dress and now she has a case of "wonky boob"

Enough of the "wonky boob".  Overall the collection was beautifully done, lots of crisp cuts and beautiful fabrics with dashes of pink, yellow, red and cobalt blue.  I think Mr. Simons was out to set the table for his tenure at Dior and not be too radical, doing exactly what he should do, pay tribute to the legacy while pushing forward towards the future.  I'm eager to see what's next!  Here are my picks, enjoy!
Gah, the embellishment on this dress is to die for - that peek of yellow at the bottom is killing me!  Love! (see Alber Elbaz over there on the left with the glasses?  Looks like he's noticing that part of the dress too!)

This dress rocks my world!  Check out Alber looking pensive, which is pretty much how he stayed during the show - lol!

Metallic slab of a belt?  Yes, please!

This dress matches the lady with the cardigan back there - that cardigan is going to haunt my dreams, it's in every. single. shot.

Check out the pink metallic shoes with the cobalt blue dress - I likey!

Black, tailored suit.  Doesn't get more classic than this folks!
A couple of beautiful dresses with an unfortunate case of "wonky boob".  Grrr...

What do you think?  Did Raf hit the ground running?

Images via, except for Jessica Biel which is via Day Old News


  1. I am all over the pink!! Beautiful!! xo

  2. I always look forward to the Dior show. The details are so lovely! (Aside from the "wonky boob," of course.)

  3. not feeling those boob pockets! but the cell phone would have a great spot!
    loveeeee those pink metallic shoes. i'm all over it.

  4. I love the silhouette of these looks, but I agree about the "wonky boob"--why? I love that dreamy cobalt blue dress!

  5. Definitely love the cobalt blue with the metallic pink shoes.

  6. I think the 2nd and 3rd dresses are just stunning! The "suit dresses" are very nicely designed and appear well made and on someone not anorexic looking would be fabulous! They are just way to overwhelming on such a thin body (like these models) I agree with the wonky boob. I hate anything that draws attention to the "boob area" anyway...probably because I don't have any! ha! All that said I think it's a great collection. Great colors, fabrics and designs.


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