Friday, August 31, 2012

Fab Finds! - Lands' End Edition

It's Friday!  Yay!  It's Labor Day weekend!  Yay!  We are wrapping up the "Fab Finds" series today, I hope you've enjoyed it and I hope it inspires you to pop into some stores you might not usually go into.  Land's End has always sort of been overshadowed by L.L. Bean in my opinion, they offer many similar options, but for some reason L.L. Bean just was a "go to" for me.  But Lands' End has been trying really hard to make a few more fashion forward basics recently.  And I'm going to put a plug in for their men's button down dress shirts (not only has my Dad sworn by them for years, they are also part of my husband's work "uniform").  Here are my picks:

Left to right - Modern Rain Jacket - $50

Hope you have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!  See you next week!


  1. i like the scarf! i wish it were scarf weather

  2. I loved this series Jenny! I like Land's End's classic, timeless clothes. I want that boatneck sailor top! Have you tried their Canvas line? I really like it too.

  3. I actually really like Land's End...but I agree that it's always been overshadowed by LL Bean.

    I love that simple/classy white long sleeved blouse.

  4. love this post! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

  5. I feel like its hard to find this brand in LA but they definitely have really cute clothing!! Thanks for sharing! PS. I'd love for you to come visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  6. I agree that LAND'S END has been upping the ante lately. I had a mad crush on a rope handled bag this summer, and the swimsuits looked really cute, too. They're definitely good for some well-though out classics that you can give your own unique twist to with accessories, etc.


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