Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fab Finds! - J.Jill Edition

I have a tendency to write J.Jill off as a catalog/store with offerings for a woman about 10 years older than me and/or a more artsy person.  You know that super cool lady that throws on some handmade jewelry as she runs off to pottery class.  Someone I'm clearly not.  But after doing some digging, it seems that looking at the items as separates make more sense.  They tend to pair the tops with more flowy bottoms that I'm not digging at least for my age group.  When looking at the offerings I gravitated towards the tunic tops (I love a tunic), these are great when paired with skinny jeans/pants.  Check out my favorite items - all on sale - score!
Left to Right (all on sale!) - Silk Charmeuse Pullover - $20
Wearever Wrap Belt - $10 - love, love this belt!


  1. stores like this i don't usually go for but on occasion i definitely find something unexpected!


  2. These are great finds! I also love a good tunic.

  3. I have always really liked their clothing but rarely ever buy anything from them. I used to go into one of their stores a lot when we lived near Virginia. They have very nice, well made clothes. I'll have to check them out again! Love tunics with skinny jeans/pants too! I also love them even more with flats :)


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